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WELCOME to the SVS & PARTNERS website !

This site shows you SVS & PARTNERS' work and comittment to provide expert legal solutions to the local business challenges of investors and corporate players, in what is one of Romania’s most dynamic and prosperous business environments.


We are one of Timisoara’s leading law firms, caring for the legitimate interest of important industry and business actors established and operating in the Western part of Romania.


At  SVS & PARTNERS we are committed to:

  • foster a consistent vision that guides us and our clients throughout the wholesome process, from strategy building to accomplishment
  • engage all our expertize into a collegiate working effort that endows our produce with the promtitude, power and quality, much favoured by our corporate customers
  • add substance to our work however complex, focusing in a creative manner on detail and specific predicament
  • serve our clients with kind and dignified manner

As Founding Partner, I am proud of the firm’s rapid and sustainable achievement record, that now allows us to take on an even higher level of your challenge. We will make it our own.


I am also happy that a growing number of investors and consolidated corporate players are entrusting us with the legal aspects of their operations and appreciate our work’s contribution to their successful endeavours.


Thank you for your visit, and hope that you will enjoy this site.



Alin Speriusi-Vlad