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We are advising some of the world’s leading automobile and parts companies. They are the core clients of our activity in Timisoara as it is the leading industry in this part of the country. A consistent record of successful services to this area of business shows that we have developed a very good understanding of the legal and the commercial issues that automotive corporations are prone to.

Our expert concerted approach gives our client the confidence that multi facetted matters are thoroughly scrutinized prior to any advise given or strategy pursued. We advise on a wide pallet of issues relevant to this dynamic sector, including business start-up, acquisitions and mergers, environmental permitting, regulatory, employment and labour law, tax.


A thrilling experience for our firm since a lot of Timisoara based IT companies are local operations of major American players in this sector. Aside sector specifics, we have the experience to tackle regulatory divergence between the Romanian and the American legal systems and converge them on our customers’ business objectives.

We are serving the IT sector mainly by providing solutions for acquisitions, litigation employment and labour law. Romania’s thought to be most profitable economic power engine, the IT industry and employment within, is distinctly regulated.


SVS Partners have undergone extensive work in both cropping and forestry sectors generally dealing with property restitution, real estate & land acquisitions, general litigation, subsidy collection. The Timis county is one of the most important agricultural regions of Romania and the scene of many international players that entrust many of their projects to our firm. They receive in return he hand they need in making the most out of the solid opportunities in the field. Being one of the countries still underdeveloped sectors, agriculture and its regulatory is under heavy scrutiny from the European Commission.

Working with us insures that your crops are protected from legal turbulence, whether national or European.


Until recently the backbone of the region’s economical growth, real estate development has come to a mild halt in the last months due to the current economical context. However, based on our strong background in this area we have been bravely holding the field and are proving fast paced capacity to adapt to the changing context for our customers to benefit from.

Our construction customers include local authorities, developers, lenders, construction professionals and housing project companies. With considerable practice in this area we advise on acquisitions and disposals, joint ventures, financing, capital markets, construction contracts.