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THE FIRM / corporate responsibility


At SVS Partners we understand that the development of our region is an effort we must be a part of and not only by our daily work of servicing investors or other legitimate businesses.

We are involved in a number of third sector initiatives that benefit the entire community. We support with practical pro bono advice and legal representation a series of non-governmental organisations and cultural icons that we believe are true assets for Timisoara and the regional community.

But let them speak for themselves:

With pro bono support offered by Speriusi-Vlad & Sarafolean law firm, the Intercultural Institute Timisoara succeeded to reclaim important sums of money that had wrongly been declared not eligible for reimbursement. We will continue to promote this success-story amidst the non-governmental sector of which we are part of, as an example of pro bono support that has strengthened our trust that our own civil rights do prevail in a court of law.

We are also happy for the interest in our civic education programs shown by Alin Speriusi-Vlad and Tiberiu Sarafolean and we are convinced that they will continue to support our effort of passing on the principles of participatory democracy to the young generation."

C─âlin RUS

Institutul Intercultural Timisoara

“Professional, intelligent, pro-active and completely dedicated to their vocation, this is how I came to know Alin and Tibi. It is providential that I came across these two brave lawyers, in difficult times for myself and a few university intellectuals. Foremost, it was I who needed courage, strong moral principles, professionalism - all of which they kindly offered. Certainly a bright future of Romanian law practice  will flow out of their offices.”

Daniel VIGHI
, Ph.D
University Professor