Consistently Business-Aware !

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The firm would like to recognize Tiberiu Sarafolean's role as former partner in the establishment of its operations. It is with gratitude that we view his efforts over the past years' works and wish him the best of all in his future individual endeavours that he decided to pursue starting November 2011.


Alin Speriusi-Vlad and former partner Tiberiu Sarafolean decided to venture on joining their expertise acquired by working with some of Romania’s better law firms in 2007. The construction of a truly modern, customer-oriented law practice in Timisoara, has proved to be a challenging but reward-full endeavour since it now services some of the most important international operations from the western part of Romania.

The partners laid at the midst of this firm’s philosophy that prevention and pre-emption should count up for considerable added value, aside the immediate practical advantages of consultancy. Therefore, SVS & Partners’ legal advice on specific matters also encompasses a strategic outlook into eventual litigation. This accounts for a brilliant record of successful court cases.

Working extensively at building up a team of experts with the experience that best meets the firm’s customers, Alin and his partners are drawing on their own extensive professional background to empower and coordinate the work of each lawyer. Their knowledge-sharing and dedication is what makes SVS & Partners to be …consistently business-aware!

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