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July - August, 2010

August 28th, Timisoara
Continental extension
Continental Automotive is extending its activities in Timisoara, being in the final stages of the approval process for the extension of its production facilities in the Calea Buziasului area. In plan are over 55,000sqm new manufacturing areas together with a 4 floor office building, that will enlarge the companies’ facilities in the area to a total surface area of over 101,000sqm.

August 20th, Timisoara
New shopping mall to go
A 43,000 sqm shopping mall will come to replace the former Modern shoe factory, in the southern eastern part of Timisoara. Plaza Center developers have announced that construction will commence as early as the beginning of new year and pledge a new shopping facility will open in 2013. The new building is said to also leave its mark on the traffic as well, there will be two new roundabouts to be built due to this new real estate development. 1,300 parking spaces are also part of he project, declare the representatives of the investor. The ample development project is said to value over Euro 80 million.

August 13th, Timisoara
Timis’ exports rank 3rd
The Timis county ranks third in a top of exporting counties in Romania with more than 224 million EURO / month. Overall, on a national level, April was the month with most export rates in the first half of 2010. The Timis county registered export of some one billion Euro in the first half of this year. Better scores registered only Romania’s capital, Bucharest and neighboring Arges county.

August 4th, 2010
200 Engineers wanted by Alcatel Lucent
The Timisoara division of the multinational ALCATEL IT company has announced plans to hire 200 engineers. The enlargement is a result of the newly implemented LTE network infrastructure which test and integrates 4G technology software. Company representatives claim that long-term partnerships with mobile operators have enabled the company to gain considerable know-how and to fully understand the challenges of new technology.

July 27th, Timisoara
Construction activities to the ground
Eurostat announced today that Romania tops the European record on construction activities decrease with a staggering -20%, in comparison to 2008. On a local level, sources from www.imobiliare.ro have announced that real estate prices in Timisoara have dropped by 12% since Iuly last year, reaching some 845 EURO /sqm built.
Among the other top ranking positions in construction activities loss are Bulgaria with -16% and Hungary with a drop of 10%.

July 17th, 2010 Timisoara
City Council Commission revised
New members have been appointed to he Local City Council’s - 3rd Public & Private Domains, Public & Commercial Services, Private businesses Commission which now holds the following:
Ciprian Bogdan , Alliance for Timisoara APT - ed. (Mayor’s party)
Manuel Nicolae Horablaga , Democratic Liberal Party
Valentin Moldovan , Alliance for Timisoara APT - ed. (Mayor’s party)
Mihai Ritivoiu – Social Democrat Party
Elena Patricia Gemeniuc – Hungarian Democratic Union

July14, 2010 Timisoara
Route of Southern traffic belt approved
The City Council has approved the itinerary of Timisoara’s traffic belt southern portion. It will span over a distance of 20 km and will close in to the main E70 in the vicinity of Ghiroda.

July 9th, 2010 Timisoara
First European Structural Grant for Timisoara
Representatives of the City Hall have announced that the European Commission in Bruxelles, has approved EURO 27 131 224 for the rehabilitation of the public heating system in Timisoara. This first structural grant represents half of the moneys necessary for the project which is co-financed by the Romanian government and the Local City Council.
The project is meant to enhance the output of the public heating system operated by Coldterm, a City council owned company that servers over 224 000 private customers.

July 1st, 2010 Timisoara
Judiciary Holidays 2010
Starting today, July 1st, all levels of judicature are entering a 2 month summer vacation. Courts will re start procedures on September 1st. Only urgent criminal hearing will be held during the summer. The Timis Tribunal will have the following summer working schedule: Registry Office, Mo-Fr. 9-11; Archive, Mo-Thu. 9-11; Apostils, Mo-Fri. 9-11.

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