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At Speriusi-Vlad&Sarafolean Partners we understand the vital role that permitting procedures represent for the development of any investment in Romania. Therefore we are committing a great deal of our time and resources to make the permitting projects of our clients meet the deadlines and the budgets they were designed with. It is not an easy task, but our pledge is to overcome any possible mishaps that ordinarily appear due to the quite volatile regulatory framework and to the lack of a linear conduct of representatives.

Handling permitting for a considerable number of clients from the automotive and rubber parts industries we have developed viable strategies on a larger spectrum of issues subject to compulsory permitting, from real estate development, commercial & industrial green-field investment to environment. Our consolidated experience both of extensive consulting and litigation gives us an upper hand in understanding how successful permitting processes are managed and completed on time. Moreover we have acquired significant understanding of the legal purposes of strategic actions that considerably simplify the relationship to permitting agents and other external consultants.
A brief remark on how we advise our clients to position themselves during permitting processes: SVS Partners regards the present notification system to have its advantages, it encourages people to report any problems and opens up the relationship to authority representatives, in order to solve the problem. The former, more punitive system of fines kept problems hidden and many activities were conducted unlawfully, behind the closed doors. These were the most damaging, whether to reputation of authorities that were often reprimanded for not discovering them soon enough, to the general public that could or had been affected and ultimately to the business profits.

As with the majority of European Union’s new member states, in Romania some of the Bruxelles’ compulsory regulations , were implemented with little respect for the local social and economical context, hence some of the problems that have emerged also on this topic. We have learned however that there are options that make investors in Romania overcome harsh conditions, especially for the modernization and up-grading of industrial facilities.

“More and more areas of activity are falling under EU’s Integrated Protection, Prevention and Control Directive (IPPC), which in Romania may take as much as one and a half to two years to get compliant with. Our team of specialists is assisting important investors in functioning according to the Romanian and EU’s environmental standards. Although it may seem difficult at first, once the right legal and expert support is provided, we and our customers have found that, thorough implementation of the system’s regulations may become on medium and long-term a great competitive advantage, “
  mentions Alin Speriusi, founding partner of speriusi-vlad & sarafolean (SVS).

Multinational operations in Romania have undergone serious permitting processes under the legal guidance of our team, and have recently announced plans to further expand their operations in Western Romania. Consolidating entrepreneurs have reached their business’ maturity by following our experts’ advice on how to optimize resources and implement the right strategy in tackling compliance regulations. We like to refer to them as measures of our skill in this area of practice.

SVS Partners is a Timisoara based law practise working to provide expert legal solutions to the local business challenges of investors and corporate players, in what is one of Romania’s most dynamic and prosperous business environments.

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